The Tree Surgeon Swindon

Today we were doing the work of a tree surgeon in Swindon. if you need a hand with a tree please call us on 07813 878220 or click  here


Why did they need a tree surgeon in Swindon?

This lovely Cherry/plum was probably the most invaded I’ve come across in all my time.

Firstly, there was a second tree, a self seeded Sycamore about half the height of the tree, growing in it.  Being a tree surgeon in Swindon, we needed to remove this.

Secondly, there was a vine growing throughout the tree and so this needed to be carefully removed without damaging the tree.

Thirdly, the tree needed a reduction, thin and dead wooding.

of the Cherry Plum…

The Cherry Plum is one of the 1st of the prunus to flower in the Spring, as with all Prunus, firstly the flower is small, secondly it is pretty and thirdly it is pink/white in colour.

They can grow upto 8m in height but they are more often seen in gardens at no more than 4m.

The fruit isn’t used for human consumption but the birds love the fruit and make good use of it.  The tree itself is like by the bees for its pollen.

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