Tree Surgery Abingdon

Today we were carrying out tree surgery in Abingdon.

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Why did this tree surgery in Abingdon need doing?

This was a lovely mature Birch.  The tree didn’t belong to the people that owned the house, they moved in 3 months ago.  They noticed a lot of sap on the car, leaves and catkins on the drive.

Of the Birch (Betula)

The Silver Birch is my favourite tree.  I love the bark, the shape, the light and sound that comes as the wind bristles through the leaves. I really enjoy carrying out tree surgery in Abingdon on birches.

This tree was multi stemmed & full of ivy.  The problem with Ivy is that once it covers the leaves, you can’t see the damage.

The Birch is a thin leaved, deciduous, hard wood tree.  It is a beautiful, graceful & elegant.  It’s  often one of the very first trees to come back after a natural disaster ie. a forest fire or ice age.

They look stunning, and are hard wood, there are cons to the Birch.  They are prone to disease, the sap is not good for pets, they are not a great choice for small gardens & they do shed a lot of debris.

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