Tree Work Witney

Today we were carrying out tree work in Witney.

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Why did we need to do this tree work Witney?

This Cherry was beautiful, it had been in the garden for a long time and was part of the vista over the water.  The Bark is beautiful, the shape elegant and the birds love the berries.

However there were a few reasons why this Prunus needed removing:

Firstly, this tree had a co-dominant stem and over the years this had got wet and then dried out, this happened several times and eventually it had become rotten and therefore unsafe,

Secondly, the neighbour had a new office next door to the tree and this was now at risk because of the tree’s increasing weakness.

Thirdly, the owner had grand children & so didn’t want to take the risk of them or anyone else getting hurt.


Of the Prunus….


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