Tree Surgery Oxford.

Today we were doing tree surgery in Oxford.

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Why did this tree surgery in Oxford need doing?

I’m not a fan of taking trees down but they do need managing. Sometimes trees become inappropriate for their position & there are more  negatives than positives for it staying.

Firstly this huge conifer was multi stemmed & was in the corner of a garden which backed onto other properties.

Secondly, this was a rental property, the family had small children, so ever more the reason to have work done.  The owner of the land is liable to damage to both people & property.

Thirdly, these trees were likely to fail

Fourthly, as it’s a rental property, it’s better to deal with the problem and then there are no on going costs.


The Story About This Tree.

The owner contacted me by email and wanted a quote for a part reduction.  Once I’d had a look at the tree, it became clear that the best plan of action was to remove it.  Reducing a tree of this size by 9/10 would not only make it look rediculous but may even kill it (I rarely say that about conifers).

It was decided to have the tree down & grind out the stumps.

We put 3 days on this job, however they do say with conifers, whatever you think it is, double it, perhaps I should have done!

Sadly it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve taken conifers down, it’s always difficult to gauge the amount of time needed on the job.  The tricky thing with conifers is that that the fir is so dense and unlike a “normal” tree, there are so many more branches.

I’d put 3 days on this but it took 4 and a bit more machine power and Rob power…


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