Tree Surgeon Oxford

Today we were doing the work of a tree surgeon in Oxford.

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Why did this tree surgery in Oxford need doing?

The owner had just moved into this property.  They had done a few things in the house, had the drive done & now was time to pay attention to the trees.

The owners were grand parents & therefore wanted the trees inspected & have essential work done on them.  Safety for their family was a priority as well as looking after the health of the trees.

The pines were close to the drive & this had just be re done, so they were keen to have them removed to the roots didn’t


Of the Pine….

Firstly, the only native pine in this country is the Scott’s pine.  The 1st one was thought to be here 8500 BC when the ice sheet retreated.

Secondly, they were great habitat for the red squirrel and because they were so straight, back in the day, were used for ship masts & pit props.  With the extensive foresting, the forests were reduced to a few thousand hectares.

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