Tree Surgeon Oxford

Today we were doing the work of a tree surgeon in Oxford

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Why did this work of a tree surgeon, in Oxford need doing?

There were 2 jobs at this house, the first job was to renovate an apple tree and the second job was to remove a very large self seeded ash sapling.

Firstly the apple tree in Oxford needed a tree surgeon because renovating an original orchard tree is a specialist technique and needs a careful eye.  This is because you need to decide what is best for the tree, for its aesthetics and longevity, as well as the amount of fruit it is likely to bare in later life.

Secondly, the ash sapling was about 30ft in height and I needed to climb into the upper canopy in order to begin the work.  This work needed doing as it was starting to interfere with shed and new Garden Cabin.

Of the Ash

Ash is an excellent burning wood and can be used on a fire when it is still green.

of the apple

Many different varieties & choices

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