Tree Work Abingdon

Today we were doing tree work in Abingdon.

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Why did this work in Abingdon need doing?

There were 2 jobs here, firstly a tree that was very close to the house & secondly, a small row of conifers that needed reducing in height.  Both of these are typical when carrying out tree work in Abingdon.

Firstly the Sycamore.  This was very close to the house & the branches were tapping on the roof, this could easily damage tiles.  These do make up a lot of our work when we are carrying out tree work.  These trees grow very quickly, in fact a bit like weeds, so it’s good to keep them in check.


Secondly, the conifers were getting very tall & the taller something gets, the more exaggerated the lever, so the higher the chance of them snapping out.  What we wanted to do here was to reduce the risk of damage to people & property.  The other factor here was to do the work before the birds start nesting.  As you can see from the pictures these are about half in height & far more stable.

Of the conifer….


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