Tree Surgery Oxford

Today we were doing tree surgery in Oxford.

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Why did this tree surgery in Oxford need doing?

Firstly this large Ash tree was covered in thick Ivy.  I don’t think I’ve seen a tree where the thickness of the Ivy is nearly double that of the diameter of the stem.  at the very least, tree surgery needed doing in Oxford sothat you can’t see if there was any damage to the tree.

Secondly, this tree was in the far corner of the garden,  it affected 2, if not 3 other gardens.  If the worst were to happen, the owner is liable.

Thirdly, the Ash was showing signs of die back, this air borne disease is prevalent in these lands.  If you’re going to climb the tree it needs doing before the point of no return, otherwise it’s not safe to do & you have to hire a MEWP.


Of the Ash….

Ash is an amazing wood & definitely in my top 5.  I would say this because I live on a boat & have a wood burner, the great thing about Ash is that you can burn it green & therefore doesn’t need seasoning.

There is plenty of tree surgery in Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Wiltshire at the moment  because “Ash Dieback’ is prevalent & there are so many ash trees alongside roads.  This disease is airborne & like “Dutch Elm Disease, it’s affect will change our landscape considerably & forever.

It is one of the highest yielding hardwoods in Europe, better than Oak, believe it or not, but not as demanded as Beech.  Over time there will have been a lot of tree surgery in Oxford on Ash trees.  It has great qualities to be used for lots of different reasons, but it’s strength & flex are it’s biggies.

So much so & not suprisingly, before steel was invented, ash was the product that items such as ploughs, harrows, boat frames, wheel rims and weapons were made out of.

I love it because it’s a proper hard wood but attractive, a lovely colour, splits easily & keeps me warm.  It’s also easy to idenrify, which helps me out


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