Stump Grinding Oxford

Last week we were stump grinding in Oxford.

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Why did this work need doing?

We had done work here a few years ago, more of a clearance for the sale of the house.  This time we were working for the new owners, the builders were in & the what was empty site that we used last time for access had a huge house built on it.

Stump grinding in Oxford can be tricky where access is concerned.  This wasn’t in itself but there was scaffolding up, which made it interesting.

Firstly we had an old but huge Eucalyptus stump to deal with.  I couldn’t get there early enough to help Rich make it lower, so he had to work even harder than usual.  This was a hard wood and close to the boundary but there was a 6ft fence between the 2 properties.  Rich wasn’t long into it when the neighbour started yelling from his window, some chips had flown over the fence.  Rich stopped the work & went around to clear it up.  I can understand from his point of view, he’d just built a beautiful new home & there were people making a mess to it.  Rich carried on & nearly finished the stump when the belt went, we had just changed the teeth, so there was more work for the belt to do, so we had to call it a day & come back 2 days later.  Later that day it rained, the owner called me to tell me that the neighbour wasn’t very happy, we had left some chips on the window sills (which were porous) and because Eucalyptus has oil in in, this had soaked in and marked the stone.