Tree Surgery Oxford

Today we were doing tree surgery in Oxford.

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Why did this tree surgery need doing in Oxford?

This tree surgery job in Oxford was an interesting 1.  The owner lived abroad but it was he who asked for the quote.  But the property was let through an agent.  However we are a small business so wanted to deal with the owner directly as cash flow is really important to us.


Of the fir….

Tree surgery in Oxford comprises mostly of conifers, I should say about 70%.  It’s not surprising that conifers are so popular, they are very fast growing, evergreen & provide all year interest.

Conifers are a group of trees that are cone bearing nd  overs quite a variety of different tree types.  To mention but a few, these include Yew, Hemlock & Junipers. There are more conifers on the planet than any other tree & they represent the biggest “carbon sink” over any other tree.  They are also great as a soft wood for paper & furniture.  Strangely enough, you’ll see the man sitting on the side of the road with a horse and cart selling carvings made from conifer. The confines have the oldest fossil record over my other tree & that being a staggering 300 million years old!  I wonder how they did tree surgery in Oxford back then?

My favourite story about the Fir, is the Giant Redwood.  The bark on the tree is protective of fire, it is soft to touch & paddy and all the branches are high up.  So when the forest fire happens in its native country, the tree doesn’t get burnt down but the heat of the forest fire in a very protective casing, is the only thing that will germinate the seed.  Nature at its best – truly amazing.




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