Tree Surgery Oxford

Today we were doing Tree Surgery in Oxford.

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Why did this tree work need doing?

Firstly, this Cherry was over 40 years old, it was grafted onto another type of Cherry and enjoyed a good life but shown signs of a poor canopy last year.

Secondly there was a very cold winter last year & this finished the tree off.

Thirdly, the tree was in a border & on the boundary to another garden so the owner didn’t want any damage to the fence or the neighbours property or any person.

These are the reasons this tree surgery needed doing in Oxford.

Of the Cherry……

The Cherry, of all the trees has to be amongst the most attractive, whether it’s the blossom in the Spring or the bark, all year around.  The average life span can be about 50 years & they can grow upto 30m tall which is about the height of a 2 storey house.

Nature is amazing, this is again demonstrated here where birds eats the seed and then shit it out somewhere else.  Not only is the seed dispersed, it also has some fresh manure to get it going.

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