Tree Work Oxford

This week we have been doing tree work in Oxford.

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Why did this tree work need doing?

This was a long line of mature conifers and these are the reasons this work needed doing:

Firstly, a neighbour had moved into the house next door.  They wanted to have the conifers removed because they were blocking to much light from coming into their garden, in addition they were restricting too much space from being productive.

Secondly, the 2nd neighbour had a lot of conifers removed and loved having the extra light & space.  By doing this tree work in Oxford, they were hoping the lord of the manor would have his removed.

Thirdly, the lord of the manor had a legal responsibility as the owner of the trees to make sure they were safe.  If anything dropped on someone else’s property or indeed hurt a person, the owner would be liable

Of the fir…

Fir trees are amongst the fastest growing trees and because of this they are often grown and planted for new builds & as screens.


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