Tree Work Oxford

Yesterday we were doing tree work in Oxford.

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Why did this tree work in Oxford need doing?

Firstly we had been to this property on 2 occasions.  The owner wanted a substantial amount of work doing and the 2nd occasion was to fell a ‘hung up” tree.  This time we were dealing with the tree that was damaged when the tree fell into it.

Secondly, it’s worth pointing out that the hung up tree was dangerous to work in.  It was a lump of a tree and Sycamore that the lead climber was roped into was skinny and tall.

Thirdly, although we did damage the Sycamore when we dismantled the Birch, there was already a lot of damage done when the Birch fell.  It’s very difficult to work in, “caught up” trees without damaging the remaining tree, just because of the nature of what it is.

Other works here included, felling a dead birch in the front garden & removing a large piece of dead wood from an Oak.

There was quite a lot of tree work to do in Oxford.


Of the Sycamore…

These trees grow like weeds, with rapid growth and an extensive root system.  The most distinguished feature here is the camouflaged bark.


As with many trees, Sycamores are under threat from anthracnose.  This is similar to “Ash die back” in Ash trees.

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