Oxfordshire Tree Stump Grinding & Removal

Stumps are tough and stubborn, but we can and will remove them.

Although the tree may be gone stumps can still be an obstruction and the roots may interfere with nearby buildings or pathways. We use machinery to grind and destroy the roots and stump, which allows for potential replanting of a new tree, and at the least, ensures that the stump won’t be a problem any more. We can also treat stumps to halt any chance of re-growth.

We have been providing high quality hedge services to residential and commercial customers in Oxfordshire for over 10 years.
Overgrown Leylandii BEFOREOvergrown Leylandii BEFORE

Stump Grinding and Removal

We use the latest tree stump removal techniques and cutter technology to grind down remaining tree stumps. We can grind through all kinds of tree or shrub stumps, clearing the ground and creating space for you in your garden.

We  make light work of the smallest difficult to reach stumps to the biggest tree stumps, clearing and removing as we go.

There is no better way of removing that unwanted tree or shrub stump!


Established Oxfordshire Business

Branching Out will bring you a very personal and professional service.
We are a local, micro-business and not vat registered saving you money.
We are passionate about trees and will give great care to your trees and hedges in your garden.
We are professional, reliable and competitively priced.
Safety is of prime importance and have insurance in place for £10 million.

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